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Police Commission
Contact Information

2150 Hart St
Dyer, IN 46311

Phone: (219) 865-1163
Fax:     (219) 865-4221

Monthly Meeting
Third Tuesday of the Month at 6:00 pm
Location: Police Department Training Room 2nd Floor

Dyer's Police Commission is comprised of five members, each appointed to three year terms.

Police Cars
Current Police Commission
Joseph Renz President
Richard Moore Vice President
Scott Bailey Executive Secretary
Heath Woods  Member
Mary Timm Member
Steve Kramer  Town Council Liaison

Duties and Powers

The duties and powers of the Police Commission are defined in Indiana Code 36-8-9, Town Borad of Metropolitan Police Commissioners. Duties and Powers include:

  • The board may appoint, subject to the qualifications for employment determined by the board and approved by the town legislative body, as many persons as necessary to serve in the police department of the town. One (1) person shall be appointed to serve as the police chief. The board may also appoint other employees that are necessary to carry on the work of the police department.
  • The board may recommend and the town legislative body shall determine the compensation to be paid to members of the police department in amounts that are just and reasonable.
  • All persons appointed must be of good moral character and serve only during good behavior. The board constitutes the safety board of the town for purposes of the suspension, demotion, or dismissal of any member of the police department. Proceedings for the suspension, demotion, or dismissal of any member of the police department shall be conducted in the manner prescribed by IC 36-8-3-4. The disciplinary provisions of IC 36-8-3-4.1 also apply to the safety board and the police chief.
  • The board may make general and special rules for the government and discipline of the police department and may make special and general orders to the department through the police chief, who is the executive head of the department.