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2019-2020 Dyer Comprehensive Plan

Please contact the Town Council Office with any questions (219) 865-6108. 
Dear Residents:
Thank you for your emails and Facebook Posts. Around midnight on Wednesday the Town experienced a disruption with the water pumping system's computer control system.. Two of the three elevated tanks were impacted by the problem that resulted in lower levels. As a result certain areas of the community experienced disruptions in water service to some homes. We were able to override and reset the software system and restore the pumps to operation. The system’s chlorine residual and overall system security was maintained . We are looking into the reason for the software problem with the provider. While we were fortunate that this occurred during the overnight hours of low water usage, it did create a delay in our response.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Tom DeGiulio
Town Manager

2020 Winter - Spring Leisuregram Now Available
11/21/2019 1:13:33 PM by Mike O'Shea

Welcome to the Town of Dyer


The Town of Dyer, Indiana was founded in 1855 and incorporated in 1910.  During its history, the Town of Dyer has established itself as a progressive community that maintains a vision of the future while building upon a strong foundation of past accomplishments.

The Town of Dyer has the proud distinction of having been listed on the
"100 Best Places to Live in the US" by CNN and Money Magazine.

In 2015, the Town of Dyer was ranked #15 in the State of Indiana
as "The Best Place for Young Families" by Nerd Wallet.

Additionally in 2015, the Town of Dyer was ranked
as the 9th Safest City in Indiana by SafeWise.

Our Mission Statement
Dyer provides exceptional essential services and strives to enhance a dynamic pace-setting quality of life while promoting pride in the community.

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