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The Town of Dyer's diversion rate of recyclables has gone from about 17% to 21%. This 4% improvement means between 10-15 tons more waste is being recycled each month!  Dyer needs the participation of every resident to help reduce solid waste. Start helping by RECYCLING!

If there are any questions about recycling or about the service that you are receiving from the waste hauler, please call Republic Waste at 662-8600.

Please place your recycling bin at curbside by 6:00 am on YOUR garbage day (Thursday or Friday) every other week. 

Newspapers  -  All parts even the glossy pages
Mixed Paper-  Cereal boxes, corrugated cardboard, magazines, catalogs, junk mail flyers, stationary, copy paper, paper grocery bags, and computer paper. Corrugated cardboard should be flatted and reduced to 2x2
Metals - Aluminum,  steel, tin food and beverage containers. Remove lids or caps, wash and flatten, if possible.
Glass - Clear, green, and brown glass bottles and jars. Labels can remain on. Rinse please. Plastics  - Ali plastics.  Rinse all containers before putting in recycle bin.

Curbside recycling containers DO NOT accept waste oil, car batteries, window glass, ceramics, crystal, Styrofoam, medical waste needles, any car liquid containers, aerosol cans, window glass, mirrors, fabrics, wood, LED bulbs, rubber products or any chemical/paint containers.
Please have garbage and recycling items placed on your curb by 6am on your scheduled collection day.  Garbage and recycling must be separate. Ordinance states that garbage containers can only be curbside from 6pm evening before pickup and must be returned to storage location by 8pm on pickup day.  Storage location must not be visible from the street.  You are allowed up to 5 additional bags of garbage each week to be placed alongside your REPUBLIC WASTE CAN. One large item is allowed per week alongside your garbage. A large item is considered anything that does not fit into a can or bag. There is an extra charge of $35.00 for any appliances with Freon. Please call REPUBLIC/Allied Waste in advance for arrangements of any large item pick up.

Recycling is picked up every other week.

When setting out carpeting, please cut it down to 4 foot lengths and roll them in a bundle with string or tape.  Wood must be cut down to 4 foot lengths, tied and bundled with string or tape. Examples of items that are not accepted are construction debris (drywall, lumber & shingles), automobile parts (tires, batteries) hazardous waste, such as paint and thinner fluids, bleach and pool chemicals.

Holidays observed are New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4 of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  If the holiday precedes your trash day, you will be picked up on your regular day. If your trash service is on or following a holiday, then you will be picked up one day later than usual.

If you have any questions regarding garbage service you may call REPUBLIC WASTE@ 662-8600

Local Recycling Drop Off and Pick-up Locations:

Nipsco Utility- 887-341-2190
Call to schedule free pick up of qualifying used appliances & receive $ rebate.

Salvation Army- 882-9377
Will pick up large items in good/ working condition.  TV's, Radio's Stoves, refrigerators.

Goodwill Industries- 985-6452
Drop Off Box located in Stardust Bowl Parking Lot. Call for Large Item pick up.

Amvets - 1-800-732-1708
Call for small item pick up that is bagged or boxed.

Lions club - 865-6108
Eyeglass Drop box at Dyer Town hall.

St. John Township Center- 865-2705
Accepts small items such as clothing, toys, canned goods, etc....No large items and no Pick up available.

Lake County Library- 769-3541
Any library branch will accept used books and magazines

St. Margaret  Hospital/ St. Monica's Home- 865-2141 ex#45284
Accepts maternity/baby/toddler clothes and baby items. Drop off only at St. Margaret's Hospital in Dyer.

Women's Center of NW Indiana- 838-4556
2942 Highway Ave.- Highland, Indiana.  Accepts maternity/baby/toddler clothes and baby items. Drop off Only

Etc. Resale Shop - 865-5400
1600 Indianapolis Ave.- Schererville, Indiana.  Accepts clothes, housewares , etc. Will pick up furniture from nearby towns. Will not accept gas power tools, mattresses, computers or lg. appliances

Highland Thrift  Shop/Bibles for Mission Thrift  Center- 923-6436
2821 Highway Ave.- Highland, Indiana.  Will pick up furniture. Will not take large appliances.

Dyer Nursing and Rehab Center- 322-2371
601 Sheffield Ave.- Dyer, Indiana.  Accepts puzzles,books,magazines,clothes, colognes, lotions, & shampoos

Regency Place of Dyer- Nursing Home- 322-3555
2300 Great lakes Drive- Dyer, Indiana  ( Behind post office).  Accepts large print books, 500 pc or less puzzles, current magazines & craft supplies.