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Leaves are picked up twice through out the year, once in the spring (March-April) and again in the late fall (October-December).  These target dates are adjusted by weather and any other difficulties.  Leaves need to be placed in the parkway being careful to keep them off the street and away from the fire hydrants, sidewalks and street drains.  Please make sure ONLY LEAVES are placed in the pile, as anything else may cause harm to the leaf vacuum or operators of the equipment. 

Tree limbs are picked up throughout the year but primarily March-December, weather permitting.  Limbs should be 6-8 feet in length and no more than 10 inches in diameter. Limbs should be placed in the parkway between the curb and sidewalk, not in the street, sidewalk or around a fire hydrant.  The limbs need to be stacked neatly at the curb with the cut end pointing toward the street. If too long, place them in the parkway with the cut end pointing towards the flow of traffic.  Do not put anything else in the limb pile.  Putting items in the limb pile can cause serious damage to the equipment or the operators of the machine.  Limb or twig piles that are smaller (typically 2' long by 1' wide by 1' high) will not be picked up.  These piles should be placed in your garbage can for disposal. 

The Town of Dyer does not pick up or accept any limb material from commercial properties or any limb work that is done by Contractors.  Certain Planned Unit Developments (PUD's) are not provided with curbside pickup. 

For planning and pickup, the Town recommends that any limbs, branches or leaves be placed in the parkway the day before your scheduled pick-up time.  Use the map to determine the day of the week when solid waste will be removed. Please be advised that weather may delay the removal process and if your pick-up day is on a holiday, the branches/leaves will be removed the next weekday that is available.