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Limbs and Branches
The Department of Public Works starts limb removal the first week of March and will continue until the end of November.

Limbs need to be placed in the parkway between the curb and sidewalk. Limbs should not be placed in the street, nor should they be placed on the sidewalk or around a fire hydrant. The branch pile needs to be stacked neatly at the curb with the cut end pointing toward the street or, if they are too long, place them in the parkway with the cut end of the limbs pointing in the flow of traffic. Do not put anything else in the limb pile. Putting items in the limb pile other than limbs may cause serious damage to the equipment or the operators of the machine. Again, placing logs, rocks, bricks, railroad ties, or any material other than limbs in limb piles can and has caused injury to operators. 

Also, smaller piles of limbs and branches may be placed in your garbage can. Please make sure you only put bare limbs in the garbage can, as leaves create a greater fire hazard inside of the garbage truck.


The Department of Public Works removes leaves during the months of April, October, November, and December. 

Please be patient and all leaves will be picked up. Leaves need to be placed in the parkway, being careful to keep them off the street and away from fire hydrants, storm water drains, and off the sidewalks. Be sure that only leaves are placed in the leaf pile, as anything else may cause harm to the leaf vacuum or the operators of the machine.

Please do not place limbs, rocks, bricks, or any other materials in the leaf pile. Harm can be done to the leaf vacuum and operator.

Removal Schedule

For planning and pickup, the Town recommends that any limbs, branches or leaves be placed in the parkway on the weekend prior to the week of pick-up. Each week during removal, multiple chippers are sent out to various areas throughout the Town. Certain areas will have the solid waste removed from the parkway at the beginning of the week while other areas will be completed at the end.


Removal of limbs and branches will occur during the following weeks:

03-04-19 until 03-08-19

03-18-19 until 03-22-19

04-01-19 until 04-26-19

05-13-19 until 05-24-19

06-10-19 until 06-21-19

07-08-19 until 07-12-19

07-22-19 until 07-26-19

08-05-19 until 08-09-19

08-19-19 until 08-23-19

09-03-19 until 09-13-19

09-23-19 until 09-27-19

10-07-19 until 10-11-19

10-21-19 until 10-25-19

11-25-19 until 11-29-19


Removal of leaves will occur during the following weeks:

04-01-19 until 04-26-19

10-14-19 until 10-18-19

10-28-19 until 11-20-19

12-02-19 until 12-06-19