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What are Executive Meetings?What is meant by Town Council Liaison?Can I ice skate on the lake at Pheasant Hills Park?Can I fish in the lake at Pheasant Hills Park?Can I golf in the park?How do I contact the Police to file a complaint or report a crime?How much is a traffic or ordinance ticket?Who is the D.A.R.E. Officer?When is handgun permit day?Do we have an Animal Control Officer?Are dogs allowed in the parks?What do I do if my CO meter is going off?What is the Fire Department I.S.O. rating?How can I get the Fire Department to attend our event?How can I arrange a tour of the Fire Station?How can I join the Fire Department?What is the difference between a right of way and an easement?Is there a dumpster for use by residents?Where can I get woodchips and mulch?Who do I call about pot holes? I have a concern about a damaged sidewalk. What can I do?When will sod and/or mailboxes be replaced after snow damage?How large can a shed be?Who owns an easement?Who has a right to be on an easement?Where does my front property line begin?How large can I build a garage?Can I put a fence on my property line?What to do about water meters not working properly?What do I do about standing water in my backyard?Who do I contact regarding a damaged sign?Where do I put my mailbox?Does the Police Department do vehicle inspections?Where can I place signs?How do I go about volunteering for the Dyer Parks & Recreation Department?What is the refund policy for the Parks and Recreation dept.?When can I pick up my police report and is there a fee?Can I contact Central Dispatch if I am out of the local Dyer 911 area?