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Emergency Plan

We should all have a presence of mind regarding natural and man-made disasters. Dyer is most susceptible to winter storms, severe heat, localized flooding, tornadoes, and hazardous spills from highway and rail traffic. The town, in conjunction with the Lake County Emergency Management Agency, has in place a manual of preparedness procedures ready for immediate implementation should the need occur.

Methods of Alerting our Residents:

  • Emergency Sirens -- Sirens will blast a 3 minute steady sound. Take emergency measures immediately.
  • Loud Speakers on Emergency Vehicles
  • Local Radio Stations
  • Local Television Stations
  • Text Messaging Program (simply text DYER to 219-215-4304)  

Dyer has a residential handout available to assist in home preparedness. Copies are available at the Fire Department (219-865-4226). Other handouts are also available.

During times of extreme weather, the Town Hall serves as a Warming/Cooling Center. The building is equipped with a sufficiently sized generator in case of power outages. Please call (219) 865-6108 for more details.