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Plan Commission

Contact Information

One Town Square
Dyer, IN 46311

Phone: (219) 865 - 6108
Fax: (219) 865 - 4233

Meeting and Study Session
Monday at 6:00 p.m. 
Location: Main Meeting Room

Dyer's Plan Commission is comprised of seven members, three of whom are Town Council representatives appointed to one year terms, four of whom are citizens appointed to four year terms.

Plan Commision image
Current Plan Commission
Pat McGrath    
Thomas Brown    
Bill Howe     
Scott Jefferson    
Eric Schultz   Town Council Member
Alan Brooks   Town Council Member
Mary Tanis   Town Council Member
Sue Grelewicz   Recording Secretary

Corridor Plans

If you would like to receive an electronic copy of the Sheffield Avenue or Calumet Avenue Corridor Plans, please email blane@townofdyer.com

Duties and Powers

The duties and powers of the Plan Commission are defined in Indiana Code 36-7-4, Local Planning and Zoning. Duties include:

  • Make recommendations to the legislative body or bodies concerning the adoption of the comprehensive plan and amendments to the comprehensive plan; the adoption or text amendment of an initial zoning ordinance, a replacement zoning ordinance, and a subdivision control ordinance;

    the adoption or amendment of a PUD district ordinance; and zone map changes
  • Render decisions concerning and approve plats, replats, and amendments to plats of subdivisions
  • Assign street numbers to lots and structures
  • Renumber lots and structures

Powers include:

  • The plan commission may establish a schedule of reasonable fees to defray the administrative costs connected with processing and hearing administrative appeals and petitions for rezoning, special exceptions, special uses, contingent uses, and variances; issuing permits; and other official actions taken under this chapter
  • Each advisory plan commission shall sue and be sued collectively by its legal name, styled according to the municipality or county, "__________ Plan Commission", with service of process on the executive director or the president of the commission. No costs may be taxed against the commission or any of its members in any action