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Solicitor / Peddler License

Cost and Fees for permits are as follows:

  Approved application fee:........$10.00
  Cost: (week/month/year):......$ 5.00/$10.00/$50.00
  Refundable Badge:..................$5.00 each
  Vehicles (monthly/yearly):......$5.00/$25.00

Procedure for Application of License:
   * Copy of Photo ID for each applicant
   * Application must include complete Insurance policy for each vehicle being used
   * Upon completion, application must be sent to Dyer Police Department for the necessary background check
   * Once approved, the applicant will be contacted with the results
   * Each Peddler is required to wear the provided badge indicating their name, business and permit number
Solicitor / Peddlers Permits can be acquired at The Clerk Treasurer's OfficeOne Town Square, Dyer, IN 46311.  You may print the document below and have it filled out with payment to the Town of Dyer, to speed the application process.  

 Solicitor or Peddlers.pdf
 Dyer Sales Control Ordinance