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Water Board

Contact Information

One Town Square

Dyer, IN 46311

Phone: (219) 865 - 6108
Fax: (219) 865 - 4233

Monthly Meeting

Third Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

Location: Main Meeting Room

Study Session

Third Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Location: Main Meeting Room

Water Tower on South Calumet Avenue

Dyer's Water Board is comprised of three members, each appointed to four year terms.

Current Water Board

Donald Hammer

Jeff Zendzian

Daniel Derks

Sue Grelewicz, Recording Secretary

Joe Cinko, Town Council Liaison

Duties and Powers

The duties and powers of the Water Board are defined in Indiana Code 8-1.5-4, Department of Waterworks in Certain Municipalities. Powers include:

  • Hold hearings following public notice
  • Make findings and determinations
  • May design, order, contract for or construct pumping plants or stations, filtration plants, reservoirs, water mains, hydrants, and other equipment, structures, and appurtenances and rebuild, equip, improve, extend, and repair plants, equipment, and structures
  • May build or have built all roads, levees, walls, or other structures that may be necessary or desirable in connection with waterworks
  • Make all necessary or desirable improvements of the grounds and premises under its control
  • May issue and sell bonds for the construction, alteration, addition, or extension to the waterworks, in the manner prescribed by law, including the provisions of IC 8-1.5-2
  • Shall furnish an adequate supply of water to consumers within the waterworks district

General Powers and Duties of Municipally Owned Utilities can be found in Indiana Code 8-1.5-3-4.