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Citizen Advisory Board on Disabilities Services

The Town Council recently adopted Resolution 2019-15 creating an Advisory Board on Disability Services.  The principal mission of the five member Board is to provide a mechanism to both solicit input from and educate the community to continually improve the Town’s efforts on accessibility of events, meetings, programs, appointments to Boards and Commissions and employment opportunities and quality of life for all residents of Dyer.  The Town has a current ADA Transition Plan that the Advisory Board will review as a part of the regular Plan update.  The Town has worked hard to eliminate physical barriers in public access buildings and places.  The park renovations of the past few years are continuing to eliminate barriers.

We view this Board as a way to provide a public forum and ‘think tank’ and clearing house of ideas from the community in an effort to make Dyer a truly accessible community.  The Board maybe a conduit for identification of additional grants opportunities that will improve the quality of life for residents with disabilities.  If you are interested in applying for the CAB please visit the Town website www.townofdyer.com , click on the link to forms/applications on the left side of the Home page.  Please fill out the applications marking CAB as the board you wish to apply. 

Return the completed form by Monday November 4th.  You may:

Drop it off in person to the Town Council Office during regular hours;

Mail to One Town Square Dyer, IN 46311 you may also drop it off in the Utility Mailbox.

Fax to 219-865-4233

Email towncouncil@townofdyer.com