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Youth Athletics
Athletics for Youth 

Wado-Ki Karate (7 yr. olds- Adult)

Students of Wado-Ki-Karate have the opportunity to improve concentration, self-esteem, achieve life long physical fitness and learn self-defense skills. from Sensei Ben Hollis.

EVP Junior-Volleyball Camps (11-15 yrs. old)

This camp will concentrate on the fundamentals of passing, setting, spiking overhand serves and play organized games.

EVP Volleykidz Camps (6-9 yrs. old and 10-12 yrs. old)

The lesson plan introduces the pass, set and spike using a very light volleyball.

Golf, Games & More (6-10 yrs. old)

18 holes of golf, disc golf, giant Legos, giant Jenga, giant Kerplunk and many other entertaining games along with a hot dog, chips & water will be served for lunch.

Summer Camp Challenge (6-12 yrs. old)

Participants will compete in 6 team building events that include a mix of strategy, relays and trivia knowledge; all designed for all ability levels. Teams earn points at each event and the team with the most cumulative points will be awarded a trophy and crowned the 2020 Camp Challenge Champions.

Chicago White Sox Summer Camp (5-12 yrs, old)

Professional coaches from the White Sox organization have helped build programs designed for kids ages 5-12 at every ability level. All campers will work on throwing, hitting, fielding and base-running.

Midwest Beginner Parkour (6+)

Parkour is widely accepted as a method of training for the safest, quickest, and more efficient routing from one point to another. Participants will train in order to be as fluid, functional, and liberated as possible in physical movement and to overcome physical obstacles. Our program will focus on specific elements of obstacle course training. Our younger classes are developed to safely get children moving and exploring the world around them, to inherently build confidence in each step and define their most formative years with a strong base of control. Our classes will consist of two major components: conditioning and drilling which includes climbing, jumping, and vaulting while maintaining a fun and challenging atmosphere.  

Midwest Training Gymnastics (6 & older)

Our artistic gymnastic, trampoline, and floor tumbling participants are all taught the basics through a progressive method of instruction. Flexibility and strength are introduced to complete a well-rounded and fun gymnastics experience. All gymnastic equipment will be used appropriately for each level of class. Movements to other levels are by skill. Leotards or form fitting athletic wear must be worn. 

Midwest Training: Skate Lessons (6 & older)

Beginner skate classes will cover the following skills: forward skating and maneuvers such as: glides, swizzles, and beginner stopping. Balance and self-confidence are stressed all while having fun during this class. Skates are provided during class time. Please dress warm and wear gloves. Helmets are recommended. 

Midwest Tap, Ballet & Jazz Dance (Ages 6 & Up)

Jazz and Poms dance use upbeat music to learn rhythm patterns, isolation and the fundamentals of dance such as leaps, turns, kicks, splits, pom motions, Etc.

Midwest Hip Hop Dance (Ages 5 & Up)

Hip Hop is a fun energetic style of dance that combines street dance and tumbling.

Midwest Irish Step Dancing (Girls ages 5 & up)

Dance a jig for this classic style of dance! Students will learn jumping, hopping, and set dance (reels & jigs) in a class perfect for beginner-intermediate level dancers. Focus on posture, turnout & foot placement.

Patti's All American School-Age Gymnastics/Tumbling (Kdg & up)

Let us introduce your child to the sport of gymnastics. Come join Patti's All American for gymnastics class this summer where your child will learn gymnastics in an exciting, professional atmosphere with our trained and knowledgeable instructors. This class is perfect for kids new to gymnastics and ones with experience too. During this class, students will learn, practice, and perfect skills in different areas of the gym: spring floor, Tumblr Trak, bars, balance beam, and trampoline.. and most importantly, have fun! Class will be divided into age appropriate levels
Patti's All American Dance Classes (ages 6-18)

Come join Patti's All-American and our award-winning dance program in Ballet/Gym, Hip Hop Beginner, Jazz Beginner or Leaps and Turns.

Revolt Cheer & Tumble CheerNastics (ages 5 & up)

This hour class is divided into 30 minutes of cheerleading and 30 minutes of tumbling.

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