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Stormwater User Fee
The separate storm sewer system, currently with over 100 miles of pipes, ditches, and 20 detention
ponds, previously had received little attention and no direct funding. The Stormwater Management Board had relied solely on a portion of the Cumulative Capital Development Fund (CCDF) to finance their programs and projects. In addition, the Town will soon have to monitor and improve storm water quality, as mandated by EPA’s Phase II NPDES Permit requirements.

Therefore, facing ever-increasing demands and insufficient funding to meet its responsibilities, the Town of Dyer established a user fee (service charge) to create a permanent and dedicated funding source to address all storm water concerns. This relatively new, unique and legal funding source addresses the financing dilemma without increasing property taxes. This fee structure which has been used by communities to finance sewer and water utilities, is now being applied to stormwater management. This method is gaining national recognition as the most equitable way to finance storm water management activities.

Online Documents
Provided below are a number of useful documents related to the Stormwater User Fee.

Town Ordinance Establishing the User Fee 
This document includes interesting information regarding the user fee, including the term definitions and outlines basic policies and procedures.

Manual for Credit Application and Appeal of ERU Determination
This document describes the process for applying for a credit against your user fee (non-residential cutomers only) and for appealing an ERU determination (residential and non-residential customers). Also provided are the application forms and instructions for completion.
Educational Brochure provided with Utility Bill
This is an electronic copy of the educational brochure that should have been included in your utility bill. It provides a good summary of the storm water user fee.

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Contact Information
If you would like additional information on the storm water management utility or have specific concerns about storm water management issues please contact us one of the methods provided below:


Bryan Lane
Director of Storm Water Management
(219) 865-6108