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Floodplain Maps

The proposed floodplain maps for the Town of Dyer are presented below. Please use the "Index Map" to locate which of the 4 panels provided covers your property.

In most cases you should be able to locate your property fairly easily on the map and would be able to determine if your property will be in or out of the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). Some areas that are near the border of the proposed SFHA’s will be difficult to determine using the map on the website and if you are one of those properties please feel free to contact Bryan Lane at the Dyer Town Hall and they can help you with the determination. Bryan can be reached by e-mail at blane@townofdyer.com and by phone at 865-6108. Please remember to put “flood map” in the subject line of your e-mail if you choose to make contact in that manner.

We will also have a large printed map in the entrance to the town hall that you can view.

Please be advised that this is the proposed map and although we do not expect significant changes to the final map it is possible that there could be some differences.

NOTE: You will require the Adobe Acrobat to view this file, if you do not have this program, click below to download the FREE viewing software from Adobe. After you have successfully downloaded the file follow the instruction to install the program.

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Index Map (1.23MB)
Panel 18089C0119E (5.25 MB) Panel 18089C01138E (4.79 MB)
Panel 18089C0210E (5.37 MB) Panel 18089C0226E (5.25 MB)