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Construction Site Stormwater Run-Off Control

stormwater runoff from construction sites can significantly impact rivers, lakes andestuaries. Sediments that land in the waterways from a construction site can clog the gills of fish, reduce the amount of sunlight reaching aquatic plants, smother aquatic habitats and damage or destroy spawning areas.

Additional Resources
In order to help keep our waterways clean, contractors and developers need to review the following links and documents that provide important guidelines or requirements:

  • Stormwater Ordinance
    This Ordinance establishes methods for managing the quantity and quality of stormwater entering into the Town of Dyer's stormwater drainage system in order to comply with State and Federal requirements.

  • Stormwater Technical Standards Guide
    This document contains formulas and methodologies for the review and design of both stormwater quantity and stormwater quality facilities within the Town of Dyer.

  • Stormwater Permit Application
    Permit Application to be submitted as part of construction plans and specifications pursuant to Chapter 4 of the Stormwater Ordinance.

  • IDEM Rule 5 Permit Guide
    Guidance documents for Construction/Land Disturbance Permitting.

  • Self Monitoring
    Making sure your site is setup to limit the amount of Stormwater run off can help keep lakes and streams clear of debris. Setting up sediment control barriers, stabilizing erodible slopes, making sure chemicals are handled properly, and checking discharge sites to make sure that they are clear of sediment and chemical pollutants are just some ways that you can make sure your site is operating within guidelines.