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Special Events

Special Events

Mother-Son Fun Bowl (Boys 5-12 yrs. old)
Come on Moms', team up with your son/sons for an afternoon of fun! Have a blast as you and your child/children bowl with the opposite hand, sitting on each other's lap, backwards and between each other's legs. May 6th

Music in the Park (Calling all pianists/singers)

We would love for you to come out and play the piano, play your favorite instrument and or sing for those in attendance. Please give us a call with details of what instrument you will be playing and on what day you are available.
May 17th-Central Park
June 14th-Central Park
July 19th-Central Park
August 2nd- Northgate Park
August 25th- Dyer Town Hall

Town Wide Garage Sale
In order to highlight your address and be on the map, participants must register by May 18th. This event will take place the same day as the Kids Garage Sale. Those that live in an apartment or do not wish to have the sale at your home can sign up for the Kid's Garage Sale. June 2nd

Kid's Garage Sale
This sale is to encourage kids to sell their unused toys, books, clothing, sports equipment, collectables, bikes and dolls to others (parental supervision is required). June 2nd

Popcorn in the Park
Cottonwood Park- June 22nd, 12-1:30pm
Elmer Miller Park- July 20th, 12-1:30pm

Movie in the Park
Coco- Northgate Park, August 2nd at 7pm with the movie starting @ 8:30pm

The Sweet Spot
Join us as we enjoy sweets made by local vendors. Bring the family out and enjoy some ice cream, cookies, coffee, a smoothie, a slice of pie, a cupcake or one of the many other treats that will be offered.

For more information or to sign up for one of these events, visit:


For more information or to take advantage of these good deals, swing by the Dyer Parks and Recreation Department at Dyer Town Hall.