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2018 Infrastructure Projects
Below is a list of expected 2018 Infrastructure projects. Keep in mind that schedules and plans can always change. We will try to keep this page up to date. Please call 865-6108 if you have any questions.

  • Phase I of the Berens-Monaldi infrastructure improvement project begins this year.
  • Work is scheduled to begin late May/early June.
  • Forest Park Drive--Storm Sewer, resurfacing, other minor utility improvements.
  • South Street--Storm Sewer, resurfacing, other minor utility improvements.
  • Monaldi Parkway--Storm Sewer, resurfacing, other minor utility improvements.
Sheffield Avenue
  • Work is scheduled to begin in June.
  • Sheffield Avenue/Hart Street will be resurfaced from Rt. 30 to Main Street. This includes Matteson. 
  • The remainder of 213th between Sheffield and Calumet that was not resurfaced last year is also included.
  • A non-mountable median will be added at the CSX railroad tracks on Sheffield Avenue near the Amtrak Station.
  • Minor utility work will also be completed.
  • Parts of Madison Avenue to be included in this. TBD

Calumet Avenue (north of 30)
  • Calumet Avenue between Rt. 30 and 213th will be crack sealed and repairs to the striping will be done.
  • This is not expected to cause major delays.
  • There is no start date, but expect work to happen this summer.
Calumet Avenue (south of 30)
  • Areas of Calumet Avenue between Boulder and Granite will be resurfaced this summer.
  • Expect work to begin in June or July.
Graegin, Wells, Jacobs Ct
  • Resurfacing will begin in July
Hart Street
  • There may be repairs to the striping on Hart Street.
  • There is no start date, but work could happen this summer.
Northgate Subdivision
  • Design work will begin this summer on improvements in the Northgate subdivision.
  • We don't expect work to begin this year, but it is possible.
  • This work will be on streets and utilities in the 205th Place, 206th Place/Street, Pierce Avenue, and Fillmore Avenue areas.
Calumet Avenue Fence
  • We have switched suppliers for this project and have received several deliveries of material.
  • West side is 100% completed.
  • East side will be done later this summer.
  • Landscape work will possibly begin this fall.