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2018 Infrastructure Projects
5/9/2018 2:23:31 PM by
Below is a list of expected 2018 Infrastructure projects. Keep in mind that schedules and plans can always change. We will try to keep this page up to date. Please call 865-6108 if you have any questions.

  • Phase I of the Berens-Monaldi infrastructure improvement project begins this year.
  • Work is scheduled to begin the week of June 4th.
  • Estimated date of completion is the week of August 14th (as of 5/18/18).
  • Forest Park Drive--Storm Sewer, resurfacing, other minor utility improvements.
  • South Street--Storm Sewer, resurfacing, other minor utility improvements.
  • Monaldi Parkway--Storm Sewer, resurfacing, other minor utility improvements.
Sheffield Avenue
  • Work is scheduled to begin in June.
  • Sheffield Avenue/Hart Street will be resurfaced from Rt. 30 to Main Street. This includes Matteson. 
  • The remainder of 213th between Sheffield and Calumet that was not resurfaced last year is also included.
  • A non-mountable median will be added at the CSX railroad tracks on Sheffield Avenue near the Amtrak Station.
  • Minor utility work will also be completed.
  • Parts of Madison Ave will be included in this. TBD.

Calumet Avenue (north of 30)
  • Calumet Avenue between Rt. 30 and 213th will be crack sealed and repairs to the striping will be done.
  • This is not expected to cause major delays.
  • There is no start date, but expect work to happen this summer.
Calumet Avenue (south of 30)
  • Areas of Calumet Avenue between Boulder and Granite will be resurfaced this summer.
  • Expect work to begin in June or July.
Graegin, Wells, Jacobs Ct
  • Resurfacing will begin in July
Hart Street
  • There may be repairs to the striping on Hart Street.
  • There is no start date, but work could happen this summer.
Northgate Subdivision
  • Design work will begin this summer on improvements in the Northgate subdivision.
  • We don't expect work to begin this year, but it is possible.
  • This work will be on streets and utilities in the 205th Place, 206th Place/Street, Pierce Avenue, and Fillmore Avenue areas.
Calumet Avenue Fence
  • We have switched suppliers for this project and have received several deliveries of material.
  • West side is 100% completed.
  • East side will be done later this summer.
  • Landscape work will possibly begin this fall.
Public Works Open House
6/11/2018 9:48:07 AM by
The Department of Public Works will be holding an open house on September 8th from 9 AM until noon. There will be tours of the facilities, including the waste water treatment plant, viewings of trucks and equipment, and light refreshments available.

Public Works is located at 516 Edmond Drive.
E-Cycling Program
7/10/2013 9:52:39 PM by SuperUser Account
Just a reminder that the town developed an e-cycling program for its residents last May. Dyer residents are able to drop off things such as televisions, computers, printers etc. that waste haulers can no longer take. read more...