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In the spring, leaves are picked up during clean-up week: 3rd week of April. In the fall, leaves are picked up the end of October through the beginning of December.  The schedule for leaf pick-up is divided into five Town areas. Each area receives six dates that the leaves will be picked up. These are target dates and are adjusted by weather and any other difficulties. Leaves need to be placed in the parkway being careful to keep them off the street and away from fire hydrants, sidewalks and street drains. Please make sure ONLY leaves are placed in the pile, as anything else may cause harm to the leaf vacuum or operators of the equipment. The target schedule is available on Dyer's Town Website.  


The town usually picks up limbs twice a month starting with the week of spring clean up and goes through the end of November. Limbs need to be placed in the parkway between the curb and sidewalk neatly stacked with the cut ends pointing towards the street. DO NOT put anything else in the Limb Pile, The target schedule is available on the Town's website.

If you have any questions or concerns about any trees in the right of way or parkway, please contact us and an employee will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

All Town Streets are snow routes.  There is NO PARKING on any town streets after 2 inches of snow fall until all snow has been removed from the street. Potholes are taken care of as needed.  The worst time for potholes is in the spring when there is a freeze/thaw cycle.  If you have of a pothole location, please contact us so that we may repair it as soon as possible.