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To Request Police Assistance for All Emergency and Non-Emergency Service within the Town of Dyer,
Dial 911 to Reach Central Dispatch
Patrol Division
Patrol Commander
James A. Bazant
2150 Hart St.
Dyer, IN 46311
Shift Supervisors
Jason E. Morgan

Michael J. Wenglarz

Raymond Jajowka


Corporal Robert J. Cook
Corporal  Jeffrey A. Burk
Corporal  Jerry S. Patrick
Corporal  Shane M. Hendron
Corporal  Aaron Amptmeyer

Officer  David G. Boshears
Officer  Brian L. Kissinger - K9 Partner Kolt
Officer  William N. Scheiderer
Officer  Darrell Shaffer
Officer  Anthony L. Antonucci
Officer  Anthony Trichak
Officer  Ryan M. Boss
Officer  Bryan M. Sanders
Officer  Luke N. Mingus
Officer  Eric G. Kaluf
Officer  Daniel S. Kolodziej
Officer  Trevor M. O'Donnell
Officer  Nicholas Kiesling
Officer  Brandon M. Lopez