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Chief of Police

Department Mission

The mission of the Dyer Metropolitan Police Department is to serve the citizens by providing the highest quality of law enforcement. We will work cooperatively with the community to reduce crime through leadership, education and awareness while striving to serve with pride, dedication and integrity.

 Guiding Principle

  We believe that life and individual freedoms are sacred.
  We believe in fair and equitable treatment of all individuals.
  Our role is to resolve problems through the law, not to judge or punish.
  We recognize the neighborhood as the basic segment of the community.
  We cannot carry out or responsibilities alone; thus, we must be willing to involve the
  community in all aspects of policing.
  Our fundamental responsibility to the community is quality service.
  We, as employees, are our Department's most valuable asset.
  We believe employee involvement is vital to a productive environment.
  We are committed to the recognition of human dignity and enrichment of work life
  through fair and equitable treatment of employees.
  We demand of ourselves the utmost in honesty, integrity, and professionalism.
  We hold ourselves to a higher standard  on social and professional conduct.  


  Preserve and Advance Democratic values. We will uphold the fundamental values
   of this democracy through belief in the Constitution and dedication to liberty and justice.

  Improve Quality of Life. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in out town 
   through spirited and quality service. Leadership and education are essential elements
   to this.

  Improve the Quality of Work. We are dedicated to improving the quality of work life
   in our Department through interaction and concern for each other.

  Demonstrate Professionalism. We will demonstrate honor, integrity and pride in all we
   do through ethical behavior. 
David W. Hein
Chief of Police