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Dyer Metropolitan Police Department

The Dyer Police Department is located within the Dyer Emergency Services Building at 2150 Hart St. It has been at its present location since the building was constructed in 2002.

The history of the Dyer Police Department began with the incorporation of the Town of Dyer in 1910, at which time a Town Marshal System was implemented. Marshals were appointed by the Town Board and served at the discretion of the Town Board. The Town Marshal System was in place until May of 1971 when Dyer residents voted in favor of the formation of a Metropolitan Police Commission. The first Dyer Metropolitan Police Commission consisted of Gordon Werth, Leroy Cataldi, and Eugene Anderson. The Dyer Metropolitan Police Department became effective July 1, 1971 with a Chief of Police and six Sworn Officers.

The Dyer Police Department currently has 32 full time Sworn Officers. Also serving the Department is a civilian staff of three full-time and seven part-time employees. Civilian personnel are tasked with records keeping, animal control issues, crossing guard assignments, and community service activities. 

The Dyer Police Department serves the incorporated area of the Town of Dyer. The Town covers approximately 6.7 square miles and has approximately 45 miles of town streets to cover. The town has a population around 16,000. The largest percentage of Dyer’s population is in the family-forming age group of 20-44 years of age.

2150 Hart Street
Dyer, Indiana 46311

All Calls, Emergency or Non-Emergency, Requiring Police, Fire, EMS,
Code Enforcement, or Animal Control to Respond within the Town of Dyer
Must Dial 911 to Reach Central Dispatch

Administrative Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  
Phone: (219)865-1163
Fax: (219)865-4221