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Plum Creek Center at Elmer Miller Park - 222 Schulte St. Dyer, Indiana
Plum Creek Center - Rental Facility

Plum Creek Center at Elmer Miller Park

222 Schulte Street, Dyer, IN

Plum Creek Center is operated by the Town of Dyer Parks and Recreation department. The facility hosts various parks and recreational activities, but is also available for rentals primarily on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Plum Creek Center is a great place to meet for:
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby Showers
  • Banquets
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Family Gatherings
  • Graduation Parties
The Plum Creek Center is fully accessible and offers the following
  • Tables and chairs for up to 100 guests
  • Kitchen with a stove (4 burners & oven) refrigerator & microwave
  • Large carpeted gathering room
  • Exterior deck overlooking Plum Creek
  • Heating / Air Conditioning
  • Smoke free facility
  • Scenic view of Plum Creek and Historical Elmer Miller Park
  • Bring your own catering or pot-luck family style food
  • Available projector screen
  • Wifi

Available to Rent

Rentals are available for a minimum of four hours and all rentals must  be concluded by 9:00 p.m Sundays - Thursdays and 10:00 p.m Fridays, Saturdays, and days before a holiday. Plum Creek Center is available to rent when not being used for Town functions:

  • Fridays 5:00 - 10:00 p.m
  • Saturdays 11:00 a.m - 10:00 p.m
  • Sundays 10:00 a.m - 9:00 p.m

Select weekday hours are also available. Call (219) 865-2505 to check for availability.

 Rental Rates

Town of Dyer
of the Town of Dyer
Non-Profit (Dyer based)
$20 per hour  (Mon.-Thurs. only)
Main Rental
per 4 hours*
per 4 hours*
Non-Profit (non-Dyer based)
Regular fees apply*
Additional Hours
 $62.50 per hour
$87.50 per hour
Plus Sales Tax (Add sales tax to all above fees)
*Additional $100 cleanup and damage deposit is required for rentals.
This is a refundable fee to ensure the facility is cleaned up and no damage is caused. 

Plum Creek Center rental application form (click here)

Plum Creek Center clean up checklist (click here)

Resident: Individuals who reside and/or own property in the Town of Dyer.

Non-Resident: Individuals and/or groups who reside outside of the Town of Dyer.

Non-Profit: Town of Dyer based groups only. A group or organization with non-profit status (i.e. church, schools, community service groups, 501c3 organizations). Non-Profit rates apply Monday-Thursday, regular rental fee applies Friday-Sunday. Non-profit groups based outside of Dyer have regular fees apply.

Making your Reservation

1. Reservations are accepted at the Dyer Parks and Recreation Department located at Town Hall (2nd building east of Hart St. on the south side of US Route 30). Only Cash and Checks (payable to Town of Dyer) are accepted for payment. Sales tax is charged on these fees.

2. The full cost of the rental plus $100 cleanup and damage deposit is due at the time you reserve the Plum Creek Center. The cleanup and damage deposit will be mailed back to the renter, upon Park Board approval, if the facility is clean, without damage and returned to its pre-rental condition. If police or other Town staff member(s) had to be called to the site this deposit will not be refunded.

3. The facility is available for rental in 4 hour time slots and the renter is given an hour for set up prior to and an hour for cleanup following reservation time for a total of a 6 hour time slot.

Address for Guests

Parking for the Plum Creek Center is available at Elmer Miller Park.
Use the pedestrian pathway and bridge to access facility.
Please give the following address to your guests for the

Plum Creek Center at Elmer Miller Park
222 Schulte St.
Dyer IN 46311

Address for Deliveries and Handicap Parking

The following address should only be given for deliveries (caterers, DJ's, etc.) or for handicapped parking.
2138 Moeller St.
Dyer IN 46311

Room Dimensions and Table Sizes

Gathering Room: 40' x 53'
Kitchen: 9' x 11'
Tables: 13 round tables (60" diameter) (8 chairs per table) plus 8 rectangular tables (8'

Refund Policy
Refund Policy

Rules and Regulations

1.  Renters are allowed to enter the building one hour earlier and can stay for one hour past the ending time to allow time for set up and clean up. No additional time is permitted on the day/night of the rental. Reservations made after 4/1/2011 are subject to the refund policy as approved by the Park Board in Resolution 2011-01. That policy is available in the office or on the website at As a general rule, no rental groups are to enter the Plum Creek Center until the site supervisor arrives and secures the building. The renter must also abide by cleaning the tables, removing decorations, putting all trash in the appropriate containers and leave the building with all guests no later than one hour after the rented time.

2.  Furnishings, tables and chairs may be moved during the rental time but must be returned to their original positions before leaving the Plum Creek Center. No furnishings, supplies or other Town of Dyer property shall be removed from the Plum Creek Center or used on the exterior deck.

3.  All decorations must be removed and disposed. Confetti, glitter, silly string and fog machines are prohibited in the Plum Creek Center. Decorations are not allowed on the walls or ceiling.

4.  All garbage must be placed in the trash containers.

5.  Cleanup of the facility must be completed within 1 hour after event time.

6.  The renter must be at least 21 years of age. The renter is personally in charge of and responsible for the conduct of all persons in attendance at the Plum Creek Center. The renter (contact person or organization) will be held financially responsible for any damage to the Plum Creek Center, park facilities, or property of Dyer Parks and Recreation as a result of the rental. This includes damage done by caterers, DJ services, bands, decorations, guests, etc.

7.  The renter assumes all risk, loss, damage or injury to persons or property. Dyer Parks and Recreation is released from all claims for such loss, damage or injury sustained while using the Plum Creek Center.

8.  Dyer Parks and Recreation will provide a site supervisor to open the Plum Creek Center. Renters must assume the responsibility of setting up, cleaning the Plum Creek Center and locking the doors upon exiting.

9.  Alcohol is not permitted at the Plum Creek Center unless the renter receives a permit from the State of Indiana. In this case, only beer and/or wine, no spirits are allowed, and must not be in glass containers. The permit application form can be found online at A copy of the permit must be submitted to the Town of Dyer at least 10 days prior to the date of the rental.

10.  The Plum Creek Center provides a refrigerator, stove/oven and a microwave oven for use by renters at no additional charge if desired.

11.  The Plum Creek Center does not provide table covers or tablecloths. Renters are responsible for providing their own table covers or tablecloths. There are a total of 13 round tables (60”) and 8 rectangular tables (6- 8’ x 30” and 2– 6’ x 30”).

12.  Maximum capacity of the Plum Creek Center is one hundred (100).

13.  The Plum Creek Center is a non-smoking facility.

14.  Reservations for the Plum Creek Center can be made up to one year in advance. Payment must be made at time of reservation.

15.  To receive the full security deposit the facility must be returned to its pre-rental condition, clean, no damage to any equipment and the renter has left the building in a timely manner that is shown on their rental agreement. If the Plum Creek Center is not properly cleaned after a rental, the renter or organization will forfeit or be given a reduce amount of the $100.00 security deposit. Reduces security deposit rates are as followed:

       $25:   for confetti, glitter, silly sting or other decorations that are found after the cleanup.

       $50:   for excessive garbage, not vacuuming, or other unclean areas within  the hall, or not      leaving the facility once the contracted time has   passed.

  No refund: for not cleaning the facility


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