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Park Information

Below is a list of all 22 parks available throughout Dyer with a brief description of improvements that have been done over the years. 

Here is a Amenities List that will compare all 22 parks: 

Amel Wilking Park, 636 Sheffield Ave. 1.6 Acres
Located at Sheffield Avenue & Northgate Drive, this property was donated by a local developer in 1992. No improvements have been made. There is no ingress or egress to the property. The property is being treated as a natural greenspace.
Autumn Chase Park, 2988 Hawthorne Ln. 3.0 Acres
Located in the Autumn Chase subdivision, this park was donated by a local developer in 1997. An Autumn Chase Park Committee worked to raise funds for a playground at Autumn Chase Park including tot swings, regular swings and a playground structure. This playground was installed in 1998. In 2006 a sidewalk entry was installed from Hawthorne Lane. In 2008, a park sign with the park name on it was purchased and installed. In 2019 design work has started for a playground improvement plan with the construction being planned to be finished by 2021 Fall. In 2020, the Dyer Park Board has recently submitted a grant application for federal funding through the 2020 Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) program. This is for park improvement includes new playground equipment, pour in place surfacing, walking path connection and a ADA parking spot. Please click this link to view the Autumn Chase Park Improvement Plan.

Berkely Drive Park, 212th Pl. & Berkley Dr. 0.3 Acres

Undeveloped property in the Northgate subdivision.

Central Park, 942-213th St. 77 acres
Central Park is located at 942-213th Street. It also has an address of 900 Central Park Boulevard which is where the shelter is located. This large property is bounded by 213th St. to the north, rail road tracks to the south, Briar Crossing subdivision to the east. The Park does not include land directly along Calumet Avenue. Central Park was purchased by the Town of Dyer via a Redevelopment Bond issue from the VanderWoude family for $5.2 million. The property was purchased in spring of 2007 to meet the growing need for additional park land in the Town. The Park Board in 2006 issued their first ever bond issue in the amount of $4.5 million in anticipation of this land purchase to help fund capital improvements system wide including initial capital improvements at this site. In 2009 the Park Board hired a contractor to disc and seed the property. In 2010 the initial drainage system was installed along the north and east ends of the property. In 2011 two multi-purpose ball fields and one baseball field with 90' base paths were constructed. In 2012, the shelter, central parking lot and a 3/4 mile paved pathway were constructed along with Central Park Boulevard which provides access to the site from Calumet Ave. The 3 acre Dyer Dog Park opened in November of 2013. Thanks to a Lake Michigan Coastal Grant in 2013, the park planted nearly 100 trees at a time when there was only 1 tree on the entire 77 acre property. In 2016 park signs was installed. In 2017, the current three ball fields were renovated. This included the two softball fields playing material being changed and infields being condense to hold 60 and 70 foot bases. In 2018, 10 trees were planted along the park with the CommuniTree program and outfield fences were installed on the southeast and northwest ball fields. In 2019, black windscreens, yellow fence capping were added to the ball field fences and 15 trees were planted in the park with the CommuntiTree program. In 2020, the construction of a 4th ball field, walking paths and ponds will start in mid July. The construction will be completed by the end of October. 

Central Park Current North End Ball Field Complex Concept Plan 
Central Park North End Parking Lot Concept Plan 
Cherry Hill Park, Cherry Hill Rd. & Cottonwood Dr. 3.0 Acres
Cherry Hill is a 3 acre park that is a part of Pheasant Hills Park. It includes a various playground equipment including the latest structure which was installed in the fall of 2000. Cherry Hill is located immediately adjacent to the Pheasant Hills Park pond in the southeast corner of the pond. In 2017, a park sign was installed and 5 trees were planted with the CommuniTree program. In 2018, 3 trees were planted with the CommuniTree program.

Cottonwood Park, 724 Cottonwood Dr. 1.5 Acres
Located in the Pheasant Hills subdivision, Cottonwood supplies a small playground, installed in 2004, and park space to the neighborhood residents. In 2006, the park had additional improvements made in the form of sidewalks along the southern and northern ends of the park which includes a segment leading to the entrance of the playground area. These sidewalks also filled in the missing segments in providing a continuous sidewalk in the neighborhood along the park.In 2010 the Dyer Storm Board purchased two neighboring homes which had routine flooding issues and added that green space to the park. in 2017, a updated park sign was installed. 

Elmer Miller Park & Plum Creek Center, 222 Schulte St. 4.0 Acres
A historic community park located immediately adjacent to the south of the Dyer Town Hall. It is bordered on the east and south by the winding Plum Creek. It was named after Elmer Miller who was both a Town Board member and a Clerk-Treasurer in Dyer in the 1940's. The land was received as a donation to the Town of Dyer to be used as a public park for 999 years. It has an open pavilion, playground equipment, two bean bag courts and a single bocce ball court. The shelter is rented out for picnics upon reservation. Many summer park activities have been held in this park. In 2008, the parking lot between this park and the Town Hall was repaved along with the installation of curbs. In 2009 a pedestrian pathway leading to a pedestrian bridge over Plum Creek was added as the access the new Plum Creek Center activity center. As a part of this project new park entrance signs were added for the Park and the Center. In 2010, electric at the shelter was updated and in 2017 Elmer Miller pavilion received updated lighting fixtures. In 2018, 5 trees were planted along the park with the CommuniTree program, a new playground with Pour- In - Place Surfacing was installed and new concrete was pour in the existing pavilion. 

Green Meadows Park, 215th St. & Greenwood Ave. 3.8 Acres
Located at the corner of Greenwood Avenue and 215th street in the Calumet Farms subdivision, Green Meadows was named by a child in the subdivision through a contest to 'name the park'. The land and all the improvements were purchased through Lake County Economic Development Community Block Grant Monies. The park contains a playground area which was newly replaced in 2004, a back stop and a half basketball court. In 2005, an accessible pathway looping the property as well as connecting to the playground and basketball court was installed with Community Development Block Grant Monies. In 2016, the current back stop received new fencing. In 2017, a updated park sign was installed. In 2019 the following improvements were installed: Removal of old playground, installation of new playground with pour in place surfacing, connection of new playground to existing paths and all required drainage and grading. 

Heritage Estates Park, 1204 Cedar Ln, .8 Acres
Heritage Estates Park is located on Cedar Lane in the Heritage Estates subdivision. It was named for the subdivision it is in because it was donated by the developer. It has petroleum product pipelines running beneath it. The park contains playground equipment. A playground structure was installed in the fall of 2000.In 2010 a new  slide and updates to the swing areas were done after receiving insurance funding from damage to the existing playground. In 2017, a updated park sign was installed. 

Lincoln Park, Church St. & Keilman St. 1.0 Acres
Lincoln Park was donated by the Smith Brothers (owners of the gas station immediately adjacent to the park) on March 31, 1999. They also donated money that was used to purchase playground equipment for the park. Lincoln Park was named after Abraham Lincoln, since the gas station that donated the park is located on Lincoln Highway. In 2018, 3 trees were planted with the CommuniTree program.

Veteran's Park, Daffodil Ct. & Sunflower Ln. 5.7 Acres
Located in The Meadows subdivision, this park was donated to the Parks & Recreation Department in 1995. It has been given the name Veteran's Park to honor those past and present who served our country. A new playground was installed at the west end of this park in 2003. A pathway connecting the east end of the park to the playground on the west end of the park was installed in early 2005. A second phase to the pathway which includes connections to the sidewalks along Daffodil and Sunflower Lane as well as a loop around the detention area in the park were completed in November of 2008. The loop portion of this pathway is approximately 1/3 mile. In 2017, a park sign was installed with 80 trees from the Urban Forestry Grant program. In 2018, 13 trees were planted along the park with the CommuniTree program and a new playground with Pour in Place surfacing was installed. 

Northgate Park, Calumet Ave. at Harrison Place 23.9 Acres
Northgate Park was named after the subdivision where it is located. The land for Northgate Park was donated by the developer. The park was established in 1973 through a grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Originally it was built with a large open masonry pavilion, four ball diamonds, two tennis courts, two horseshoe pits, playground equipment, two parking areas and a monument. Since then, numerous seasonal soccer fields, a backstop for a fifth ball field, lights to another ball field, a sledding hill, a .5 mile paved pathway (built in 2007), a sand volleyball court and 2 grass volleyball courts have been added. The Northgate Park Committee under the leadership of the Dyer Park Board raised almost $25,000 for the park in 1991. This money was used to purchased and install a new handicapped accessible playground. There is a concession stand in the pavilion that is leased out April - September. The pavilion area is also rented for picnics during the year. Two new park entrance signs were added in 2009 on Northgate Drive and on Calumet Avenue. In 2010 the washrooms in the shelter were remodeled with Community Development Block Grant funding. In 2011 an additional parking lot was constructed along with drainage improvements. That same year the tennis courts were completely reconstructed and a new playground was installed. In 2015 two bocce ball courts and two concrete bean bag courts were installed. Additionally, the improvements were made to the fascia of the shelter. In 2016 security cameras were installed at the shelter. In 2017, 80 trees have been planted throughout the park and a new playground with Pour - In - Place surfacing was installed.  

Pheasant Hills Park, Hart Street at Park Manor Dr. 32.0 Acres
Pheasant Hills Park is located east of Hart Street next to the Pheasant Hills Subdivision. The park was named for the subdivision because the developer of the subdivision donated the land. Established in 1976 through the grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund, it was originally built with an open frame pavilion, a tennis court, two ball diamonds, two horseshoe pits, playground equipment and a trail around the seven acre pond. Currently, two soccer fields have been added and because of erosion, the pond is now approximately 18 acres and the original trail is gone. A new trail was added on two sides of the pond ending in the northeast corner of the park. A grass volleyball court is available just west of the pavilion. This court area will be moved elsewhere in the park after phase 2 of the park improvements. The pavilion is rented for picnics during the year. Fishing is not permitted at the pond. Kahler Middle School is immediately adjacent to the park and uses the park throughout the year for activities such as cross country and an outdoor classroom. Leading to park improvements in 2009, the remaining ball field backstop and playground equipment was removed in 2008. In 2009, a new skate park along with a new playground were installed. A 2nd phase of capital improvements is in progress at the end of 2009 that include a new north shelter, a new south shelter, improved and expanded parking area on the south side of the park, additional 10' wide paved pathway and shoreline stabilization along the western and northwestern shore of the pond. The paved pathway is 2193' long which is close to 2/5 of a mile. Signs are posted with this approximate distance in the park. There are also segments connecting to the parking lots and sidewalks along Hart Street and at Kahler Middle School (southwest corner of track area). In 2016, new park signs were installed. In 2017, 30 trees were planted along the park with the CommuniTree program. In 2018, 5 trees were planted in the park with the CommuniTree program. 
Sandy Ridge Park, 2330 Rolling Hills Drive 2.0 Acres
Named for the subdivision the park is located in, Sandy Ridge was donated by its developer. The land was donated because the soil conditions were not able to support building on the seven lots. The open field doubles as detention area and open space. It also has a playground which was installed in 2004 in the northeast section of the park. In 2008, two more improvements were made to this park site which are a park name sign, near the playground, and accessible sidewalk connections along the west side of the park and the east side of the park. The sidewalk along Rolling Hill Drive also includes a segment leading to the entrance of the playground. In 2018, 3 trees were planted with the CommuniTree program.

Sheffield Estates Park, Rosemary Ct. & Gardenia Dr. 2.9 Acres
Named for the subdivision it is located in, Sheffield Estates Park was donated in 1992. Playground equipment and sand volleyball court were installed in 1997 at the park. In 2017 a park sign was installed. In 2019 the following playground improvements were installed: Removal of old playground and sand volleyball court, installation of new playground with pour in place surfacing with all required drainage and grading and new walking path added. 


Sunset Park, Lilac Drive & Capri Lane 0.5 Acres
Undeveloped property located in the Sheffield Estates subdivision at 137 Lilac Drive. The land was donated in 1992.

Wildflower Park, 1630 Sheffield Ave. 2 Acres
Undeveloped detention area property located along Sheffield Avenue in the southeast corner of Wildflower Estates. Donated in 1994, the park received its name from the subdivision as it was donated by the developer. The site is immediately south of Dollar General.
Briar Crossing Park, Briar Crossing Dr. & 213th St. 9.2 Acres
This park site was donated by the subdivision developer as the subdivision was developed. The park consists of six acres of storm water detention area and three+ acres of green park space. Due to its proximity to Central Park, the Town has looked at other opportunities to maximize the use of this property.
Mallard Cove Park, Austgen Drive and 81st Ave. 14 Acres
Originally this site included a three acre site from the subdivision developer consisting of relatively low lands that mostly could not be developed. In 2009, the Park Board leased an 11 acre site from the Diocese of Gary which is immediately adjacent to the original park site. The lease agreement does not permit permanent construction but does allow for the Park Board to utilize the site for additional field space. In 2009, the site was developed to make space for future soccer fields for varying ages which will not be open until the spring of 2011. It also features a 'green' parking lot in that the parking area is a grass area over a stone base and a plastic product that allows grass to grow through it while allowing water to percolate into the ground. This greatly reduces parking lot runoff and helps keep our storm water cleaner for everyone. The site has been primarily graded for soccer field use. Additional ground improvements to the site have been made by Dyer Kickers Soccer Club.
Amoco Pipeline , Heritage Dr. & Cambridge Ln. 2.1 Acres
Undeveloped linear pipeline corridor in the Heritage Estates subdivision which provides additional greenspace in the Town of Dyer.
Eberly Park, 3700 Sheffield Ave.
8.5 Acres
Eberly Park is named after two longtime community leaders in the Town of Dyer, Kathleen Eberly and her son Glen L. Eberly. The site has been dedicated as the park land requirement for the Highpoint Prairie subdivision development. In 2018, a new playground with Pour- In- Place Surfacing and a walking path was installed and 17 trees were planted with the CommuniTree program. In 2019, 37 mature trees will be planted into the park from a received Urban Forestry Grant. 
Hearthstone Park, Westridge Dr. & Pleasant Springs Ln.
9.6 Acres
Hearthstone Park is a site that was planned to gain a larger piece of land in the eastern part of Dyer. The site is composed of two park land donated parcels. One is from the Hearthstone subdivision development and the other part is from the future Village Circle west subdivision development. The Hearthstone Park side of the property was accepted by the Park Board in December 2011. A number of evergreen trees were planted here in 2015. In 2016, a park sign was installed.  In 2018, a new playground with Pour- In- Place Surfacing and a walking path was installed and 40 trees were planted with the CommuniTree program. In 2020, a 16 car parking lot was installed at the park entrance off Rockview Road.