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Parks and Recreation Goals

Parks and Recreation Department Goals and Objectives

  • To maintain an ongoing Parks and Recreation Department, as defined by law, staffed and responsive to residents of the Town of Dyer.

  • To consider the role of the Parks and Recreation Department as an essential and valued governmental service, established under the State statutes, for the benefit of all residents and for which appropriate and adequate financial resources must be established.

  • To acquire, preserve and maintain acceptable land for public parks, recreation, open space and scenic purposes according to the needs of the citizens of the Town.

  • To provide year-round opportunities for wholesome recreation experiences that relate to the leisure needs and desires of all citizens.

  • To establish and maintain facilities, programs, policy and personal relationships with other public departments and agencies consistent with public needs and the purpose and function of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Park Board Goals and Objectives

The Dyer Park Board has been created under Indiana statute to, among other items, exercise general supervision of and make rules for the department along with establishing rules governing the use of the parks and recreation facilities by the public.

Town of Dyer Parks and Recreation 5 Year Plan ~ 2012-2016