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Early Childhood Athletics

Athletics for Early Childhood (3-5 years old)

BUMPER BOWLING (3-6 yr. old)

All the fun of bowling and no gutter balls! Fee includes shoe rental and games for the entire session.


This program challenges children to develop new cognitive, physical and social skills.


Children will be introduced to the fundamentals of basketball, floor hockey, football, kickball, soccer, t-ball and other sports.


This program is for young players who are looking for the perfect early soccer experience.

ZUMBINI (Newborn-4)

This program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of can't stop, won't stop bonding, learning and fun.

ZUMBA-KIDS JR. (ages 4-6)

These classes are a rockin', high energy dance party packed with kid-friendly routines.

Little Dragons (4-6 yrs. old)

Little Dragons is a karate program that will provide your child with basic techniques and escapes while developing self-confidence, focus, attention span, discipline, coordination, and flexibility. Students are separated after stretching according to their rank. This is a year-round program but you can start at any session. Uniforms and rank certification are available from the instructor for an additional fee. This program prepares the student that is ready to progress to the youth program. Wear comfortable clothes. Parents are not allowed to observe these classes.

Little Ninja's-Hapkido (5-6 year olds)

This in an introduction class to Martial arts. Class size is limited so that we can demonstrate the basic principles taught in our Youth Hapkido Program. John Dvorscak Sr. has 40 years experience in the Korean Arts Charter School Member of the American Hapkido Federation.

Midwest Training: Preschool Parkour (ages 3-5) 

Parkour is widely accepted as a method of training for the safest, quickest, and more efficient routing from one point to another. Participants will train in order to be as fluid, functional, and liberated as possible in physical movement and to overcome physical obstacles . Our younger classes are developed to safely get children moving and exploring the world around them, to inherently build confidence in each step and define their most formative years with a strong base of control. Our classes will consist of two major components: conditioning and drilling which includes climbing, jumping, and vaulting while maintaining a fun and challenging atmosphere.  

Midwest Training: Preschool Artistic Gymnastics (ages 3-5)

Our artistic gymnastic, trampoline and floor tumbling participants are all taught a progressive method of instruction.

Midwest Training: Tots Skating Lessons (ages 3-5)

Tots beginner skate classes will cover the following skills; standing, falling and getting up, marching, and gliding. Balance and self-confidence are stressed all while having fun during this class. Skates are provided. Helmets (bike) and gloves are mandatory. Please dress warm and wear comfortable clothing. 

Midwest Tiny Tots Dance- "Mommy & Me" (ages 18 mos-3yrs)

This class will give you and your child the opportunity to practice rhythm and creative movement while learning fundamental dance skills.

Midwest Itty Bitty Ballet & Gymnastics (ages 3-6)

Students will develop skills in both ballet and artistic gymnastics.

Midwest Training: Beginner Hockey Skating Lessons (3 yr. olds & older)

Pre-Hockey Learn to Skate classes are designed for the beginner who has had no prior formal lessons. Swizzles, glides, and backwards wiggles will be emphasized. Skates are provided during class. A hockey helmet with face mask and hockey gloves are required for this class. 

Midwest Preschool Trampoline classes (ages 3-5)

Trampoline varies greatly from recreational bouncing. International competition trampolines are larger and more powerful than traditional backyard models. In this class, you will be introduced to the correct form of jumping and taught introductory skills all while learning self-discipline, agility, coordination, and body control all in this class.

Patti's All American Gymnastics (6mo-5 yr. olds)

Let us introduce your child to the sport of gymnastics. Come join Patti's All American for gymnastics class this winter where your child will learn gymnastics in an exciting, professional atmosphere with our trained and knowledgeable instructors. This class is perfect for kids new to gymnastics and ones with experience too. During this class, students will learn, practice, and perfect skills in different areas of the gym: spring floor, Tumblr Trak, bars, balance beam, and trampoline.. and most importantly, have fun! Class will be divided into age appropriate levels.

Patti's Dance Classes (2-5 yrs. old)

Sign-up for an 8-week class in Dancing Gym Bears.

Patti's Ninja Zone Gym Program (Boys 3 1/2-5 yrs. old)

This Parkour inspired class incorporates martial arts, gymnastics and obstacle course training.

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