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Kindermusik Classes

Kindermusik Village
(Newborns to 2 year old- lap babies, crawlers and toddlers) Feathers- Introduces Baby & Parent/Caregiver to the musical poems of Woody Guthrie, bird songs, and the naturally occurring sounds in nature help babies develop an early appreciation and accelerated aptitude for language, movement and music in this class. Both jazz and classical selections, a Yiddish folk song, a Muskogean melody and Mother Goose rhymes set to music are just a few of the colorful and exciting pieces introduced in this cirriculum.Do-Si-Do: Stimulates a wonderfully unique experience of rhythm and movement for Baby and Parent/Caregiver. Pick up your baby and dance. Dance the Charleston, the Tango and the Cha-Cha and learn why dancing with your baby helps develop vital learningskills- from head to toe.

Kindermusik Our Time
(2-3 1/2 year old) Children learn through sign language, interaction with material, adults, other children and their environmental space.

Wiggles and Giggles (12weeks): Wiggles and Giggles is all about movement (wiggles) and fun, funny words and sounds, and emotion (giggles). there is a strong connection in this semester to Our Time theme of bound away and back. The songs are about humor, laughter, silly sounds and words, and movement. The child is going back and forth between being independent and wanting mommy and daddy. Everyday activities like bath time are highlighted in the delightful book "Pete and PJ" from the Kindermusik library. 

Kindermusik Imagine That!
(3 1/2- 5 year old) The class is designed for children to attend without an adult for about 35 minutes and then parents/caregivers and siblings join the class for the last 10-15 minutes for sharing time. Within the weekly lessons and at home, your preschooler's unique affinity to learn through pretend play is the foundation to this musical curriculum. The first day of class parents stay for the full class without siblings and there will be no sharing time. 

See What I Saw (12 Weeks):
 Books, storytelling, language, drama, puppets- these are all essential ingredients to the Imagine That! curriculm. Each acts as a dramatic catalyst for intergrating thematic songs, activities, events and feelings. In See What I Saw, you will enjoy the many wonders of a trip to Grasshopper Park. The music represents a variety of different cultures with songs from Ghana, Latin America, Greece and France. You will find some favorites including "Ha Ha This-a-way", "Jim along Josie", "Mr. Sun", "A Tisket, A Tasket", "Shoo-Fly" and "Allee Galloo"

Kindermusik Family Time!
(6 month- 6 year old) This class becomes a multi-layered learning environment with the older children ready to show the little ones how it's done and the younger ones eager to learn. Your children will listen to instruments and to each other, learn from thei peers and older children. All the activities encourage discovery and exploration and foster sharing and social skills too. In this special place for musical, social and emotional learning, your children will strengthen their ties with each other and with you, and they'll start developing the skills they'll need in school and the neighborhood playground. 

Kindermusik Playdate
Get out of the house and come experience a Kindermusik class! If you never done Kindermusik, this is a great introduction to the program. If you have participated, this is an opportunity to continue your musical fun until the new session begins in February. For children ages Newborn to 5 years old. 

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