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The Beginning
Prior to July 1915, Dyer did not have a fire department. Several large buildings burned down, including the original St Joseph's Church. It was at this time that some "young men" approached the Town Council with the plan for a volunteer fire department. They were given money to buy buckets and ladders. The first apparatus was a 2-wheeled hose cart that carried 100 feet of hose. It was hand-drawn and very heavy when loaded with hose. It currently is on display in the Dyer Historical Society. A short time later, the local blacksmith built a ladder wagon which could be drawn by horses if a team was available; other wise it was pulled by hand.   

Fire Alarms
The first fire alarm was the bell on St. Joseph Church. The priest would ring the bell and the firemen would run to get the equipment and then run to the call. A bell was later purchased and placed on the Town's water tower. As the town grew, a siren was purchased and replaced the bell as the fire alarm. In the 1960's, a special ring on the phones of the firefighters alerted them to a call. When answered, the police dispatcher would give a message about the emergency with type of call and address. In the 1970's, the department went to a paging system and each firefighter carried a pager. The police dispatcher would set off the alert tones and give the information over the pager. This system is still used today although the pagers are smaller and can repeat the message.  The siren was used up until around 2001. It was removed from service shortly after a new fire fire station was built. The siren was difficult to repair and was not effective due to the area of the town. The bell can be seen at the corner of the main station on a monument dedicated to past and present Dyer Firefighters.

Over the years, as times changed, so did the fire apparatus. From the hand-drawn equipment, the department purchased gasoline operated vehicles. One of the first was a Model A chemical pumper. When the chassis deteriorated from the chemicals, the pump and equipment were remounted on a different chassis. In 1939, a Seagraves pumper was purchased and remained in service until the early 1970's. Some apparatus was purchased and others were built or rebuilt by members of the department. 

The first engine-driven aerial ladder was purchased in 1978, along with a new pumper. They were the first diesel-operated fire apparatus and also the first Limegreen apparatus the department purchased. The aerial ladder was an American LaFrance 75' Telesquirt, with a pump. It remained in service until around 2002 when it was sold. The Telesquirt had become obsolete and it was replaced by a 2000 E-One 105' Ladder Tower.    
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